Google Business Profile: Local SEO for Tampa Businesses

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Google Business Profile: Powerful Benefits for Local SEO
Micah Marcano
August 1, 2023
Google Business Profile: Powerful Benefits for Local SEO

As the owner of a Tampa digital marketing agency, I've seen firsthand the immense value an optimized Google Business Profile (GBP) provides for local businesses. Ranking prominently for local Google searches helps you connect with high-intent customers in your service areas, but you need to complete and enhance your GBP to maximize visibility fully. The best part is it's completely free. 

The Powerful Google Business Profile Benefits

Today we'll explore the key Google Business Profile benefits and steps to optimize it for the best results. Let's help you garner more local search visibility, drive website traffic, get more calls and foot traffic, and ultimately grow your local customer base.

Why Every Business Needs a Google Business Profile

GBP for local businesses

Here are some of the main advantages of creating and optimizing a Google Business Profile:

  • Appearing prominently on Google Maps/Search for brand name searches like "ABC Restaurant Tampa"
  • Gaining exposure on Google through knowledge panels, map listings, etc.
  • Building trust and authority by being verified and claimed on Google
  • Providing customers with your basic business information nearby
  • Generating calls, site visits, directions, and reviews
  • Improving local SEO and visibility for target keywords against competitors

Quite simply, GBP makes it easier than ever for local searchers to discover and engage your business. Ranking well for brand-related terms can drive huge visibility. 

Fact: Google has over 90% of the search market share, and roughly 130 billion searches are performed each month. 

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Completing Your Basic GBP Listing Info

The first step is ensuring all key information is filled out completely and accurately, including:

  • Business name, address, phone number
  • Operating hours, services, products
  • High-quality photos and videos
  • A complete business description
  • Mark off attributes that apply

Take the time to provide as many details, categories, products, images, etc., that accurately portray your business. The more robust your profile, the better.

This info populates knowledge panels, helps confirm your listings, and provides customers with important details that build trust in your brand locally.

Choose the Right Categories to Reach Your Audience

Selecting accurate and thorough categories ensures your business surfaces for relevant searches. Add all categories that describe your offerings. For a restaurant, categories might include:

  • Restaurant
  • Seafood Restaurant
  • Steakhouse
  • Japanese Restaurant 
  • Cocktail Bar
  • Live Music Venue
  • Family Restaurant

The more specific, the better. Avoid overly broad categories that attract irrelevant traffic. Targeted categories drive higher-quality traffic.

Add Detailed Products and Services

Providing comprehensive product and service information improves the customer experience. They can get details right on Google about what you offer. For service businesses, list key offerings. For retailers, add product categories, inventory, and pricing if applicable. These details also help Google understand your business better. 

Utilize High-Quality Photos and Videos

Imagery is key for engagement. Populate your GBP consistently with photos and short videos customers would find helpful like:

  • Exterior and interior shots
  • Cover photo
  • Logo
  • Product and services
  • Staff pictures
  • Completed projects or examples of your work
  • Interactions with your customers

Recent research reveals Google Business Profiles benefit you the most when they are robust, with ample photos and details driving dramatically higher engagement and conversions for local providers. Profiles containing expansive imagery and information have been shown to generate exponentially more calls, website visits, driving directions, and overall visibility compared to limited or incomplete profiles.

Creating Engaging Posts to Share Updates

GBP gives you the ability to share real-time updates just like a social media account. By creating posts about announcements, events, products, or special offers, you can showcase this information directly on your profile. Use these posts to engage customers, such as:

  • Promoting specials or new offers
  • Announcing upcoming events or performances
  • Highlighting achievements or holidays
  • Recent blog posts and company news
  • New products or services

These posts appear in the "Updates" section and may gain increased visibility for relevant search queries. Posting engaging content is a great way to actively promote your business to nearby customers searching for providers like yours on Google. 

Proactively Manage Customer Reviews


Google Business Profile reviews for better rankings

Reviews significantly influence buying decisions, and Google knows this. Be thoughtful about managing your review profile:

  • Respond professionally to recent reviews
  • Encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews
  • Politely address negative feedback
  • Avoid false or paid reviews that violate guidelines

Having recent and positive verified reviews builds credibility, so it pays dividends to monitor and manage your reputation.

Make the Most of Messaging

Another Google Business Profile benefit is that it offers a messaging feature to facilitate customer communication. When utilized effectively, messaging allows you to provide prompt assistance and build relationships.

Best practices for leveraging messaging include:

  • Enabling messaging to activate the feature and notifications
  • Setting up quick canned responses for common questions
  • Responding to all messages in a timely, professional manner
  • Paying close attention to any negative feedback received
  • Providing helpful information or resources through messaging
  • Using messaging to address questions before they call or visit
  • Analyzing metrics on message volume and response times
  • Setting proper expectations on response windows

With messaging enabled, customers can conveniently reach your business without a phone call or visit. Be sure to manage messaging diligently by responding to all inquiries received throughout the day. Handled well, messaging gives customers the assistance they need while strengthening engagement.

Optimizing Your Website for Integration

To fully harness GBP, you need to optimize your website to integrate with it. Best practices include:

  • Matching your business name on the website with the GBP listing name
  • Having the GBP listing address match the site contact info
  • Adding schema markup for the business name, address, phone
  • Adding your website URL to the GBP profile

A proper setup allows Google to pull useful info from your website, like images, hours, related links, etc., to showcase alongside the GBP profile. It also helps rankings when all information aligns.

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Analyze Google Business Profile Metrics and Insights

Finally, use the available metrics in GBP to better understand performance:

  • Track how many visits, calls, and requests for directions result from GBP
  • Monitor impressions to see search visibility
  • See what searches bring people to your profile
  • Identify gaps in information to improve

The insights allow you to iterate and enhance your profile for better ongoing visibility and conversions. Once your profile is up and completely filled out, the work doesn't stop there. Regularly updating it and adding new content will tell Google you are an active business and keep you more relevant to related local searches. 

Stand Out Locally with an Optimized Google Business Profile

A complete, optimized Google Business Profile benefits your business tremendously for local brand visibility and authority. But it does require diligence to manage and keep it updated.

As your local SEO experts of Tampa, we're here to help at every step - from auditing and optimizing your current GBP to implementing best practices that maximize your exposure, engagement, and conversions over the long term. Let's connect to discuss how our agency can elevate your local search engine optimization strategy.