WordPress Support Services: The Benefits of Hiring WP Experts

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WordPress Support Services: The Benefits of Hiring WP Experts
Micah Marcano
August 16, 2023
WordPress Support Services: The Benefits of Hiring WP Experts

Managing a WordPress website for your business comes with its own headaches. Between constantly updating plugins, breaking themes when updating, and fending off hackers - keeping your site humming can be a full-time job when you don't know what you're doing.

But neglecting your WordPress upkeep also spells trouble. Without ongoing support and maintenance from experienced professionals, your website will likely face the following:

  • Security vulnerabilities from outdated plugins/software
  • Broken functionalities
  • Loss of traffic from downtime
  • Poor loading and site performance

Basically, disaster looms if you go it alone or work with that developer who does websites on the side and takes days and weeks to respond to everything. I've seen it 1000 times.

The solution? Partner with a WordPress support services team dedicated to your site's health and performance.

WordPress Support Services Keep Your Business Going

This post dives into why expert WordPress assistance is integral for business websites, not just a "nice to have." Read on to spare yourself headaches and learn why you should consider delegating these responsibilities to a team that has your back.

PHP support services

Outdated PHP Spells Trouble

PHP is the core server-side coding language powering WordPress. Like any technology, PHP is periodically updated with new versions containing security patches, speed optimizations, and functionality improvements.

However, many businesses neglect to upgrade PHP, which can leave sites exposed. For example, versions of PHP prior to 7.4 may make it possible for hackers to compromise your server.

Running outdated PHP also leads to subpar site performance. Newer PHP versions like 8.0 and higher incorporate under-the-hood speed boosts, and code interacting with antiquated PHP can suffer up to 83% slower processing times.

With WordPress support services, your PHP version stays up-to-date and assures you avoid:

  • Security vulnerabilities from unpatched exploits
  • Sluggish page load times from aging PHP
  • Outdated code and deprecated functionalities

Leave those complex PHP upgrades to the pros with continuous maintenance services.

WordPress version support

Your WordPress Version Matters

Much like PHP, when new versions of WordPress are released, adoption is often very slow in most cases. While we don't recommend enabling auto updates or instantly upgrading without checking compatibility with your plugins or theme, this exposes websites to danger. Core WP updates typically include:

  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Enhanced functionality and tools
  • Closed security loopholes

Without reasonably prompt WordPress version upgrades, you risk site-breaking bugs or hacks exploiting known vulnerabilities. Most people know that fact, but statistics show sites not running the latest major WP release are over 3x more likely to get hacked, and only around 13% of sites stay updated.

Experts in WordPress support services know when and how to update safely. Their diligence keeps your site running on the latest and most secure codebase.

WordPress plugin support

Updating WordPress Plugins = A Must

Your plugins are like apps that enhance the power of WordPress. But outdated plugins can cripple a website, and for the same reasons as PHP and WP, you should responsibly keep them updated.

Even with the most popular and highly supported plugins, vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting (XSS) need to get patched up. This is just one example of the many issues that can allow attackers to inject malicious code on websites running outdated versions and cause all sorts of trouble. 

WordPress pros stay on top of vetting and updating plugins. They test for compatibility issues and ensure continued functionality, progressive enhancement, and the closing of security gaps.

WP Theme support

WordPress Theme Updates and Support

Prebuilt WordPress themes add an option that can make a website more affordable, but don't forget they require updating as well. Theme authors roll out new versions that contain:

  • Under-the-hood code improvements
  • Additional features and options
  • Exploit protections
  • PHP and WP compatibility

When managed incorrectly, they can quickly become outdated liabilities. For example, older themes may not work properly with newer versions of PHP, WordPress, and specific plugins, especially if the theme author has stopped supporting the product. If you choose to go this route, make sure an active company supports it and customers have positive things to say about it.

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The Role of WordPress Support Experts

WordPress-related upgrades require expertise in properly updating core software, plugins, themes, and PHP. This delicate process involves:

  • Vetting compatibilities before updating
  • Staged rollouts to preview and test changes across browsers and devices
  • Optimizing databases and media assets post-updates
  • Adjusting any impacted custom code

With WP support services, developers handle this intricate process efficiently and effectively. They leverage advanced tools to optimize upgrading without the people who visit your company's website ever knowing.

This expertise ensures your website benefits from the latest performance gains and security hardening with minimal or no downtime. The best part is the hours you would have spent trying to do this would be spent on your more important tasks, and the issues you would have never seen or found would be tested and fixed.

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Tampa Bay Web Design Firm's Maintenance Packages

Tampa Bay Web Design Firm takes the hassle out of WordPress upkeep. Our maintenance plans include:

  • Daily offsite backups
  • Software/plugin upgrading
  • Regular functionality testing
  • Ongoing security/performance monitoring
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  • Monthly status reports
  • Ticket system access

We respond quickly to support tickets through our centralized help desk system. Guaranteed less than 48 hours and often the very same day based on our queue. It's not there just for issues, either. Our helpdesk handles general comments, questions, and functionality requests. Pricing starts at just $200/month for continuous peace of mind and having experts available just a quick message away.

How We Saved A Client from Disaster

We recently rescued a client's website from a brute force attack that was completed successfully. Their outdated WordPress website contained several vulnerabilities and lacked basic security hardening, allowing their site to get hacked and injected with malware. 

What did the malware do? It changed some of the content to some rather unwanted messaging and was causing sporadic downtime and loading problems. Our website development team swiftly cleaned up the malware, identified and closed the gaps, and restored all of the original content.

Next, we migrated them to an optimized WP infrastructure and initiated our monthly maintenance support. Now, their site stays continuously monitored, updated, and protected.

Would WordPress Support Services Help Your Business?

As you can see, with so many moving parts, WordPress websites require diligent care from experts, even though everyone makes it sound easy. Don't go it alone only to have your site crash, break, or get hacked. Partnering with expert WordPress support services provides the know-how needed to avoid disaster long-term while you and your teams focus on the business.

Want confidence your website stays secure, updated, and online 24/7? Contact our team today about our WordPress management & maintenance plans.